You lunge for the rabbit.

You are stopped short when the collar around your neck holds fast and your human stands firm. You want to go after the rabbit! It's just sitting there, chewing away on grass, practically begging you to come and dig your teeth in, but no matter how hard you try to get close, your collar stops you. You hate that thing. You hate how it jingles and keeps you from rabbits.

"Maple," the human says, "we're not out here so you can chase rabbits."

You don't understand a word this human is saying.

The human continues talking. "If I let you go after that rabbit, we'd never see you again. Come on."

With that, the human turns in another direction. Out of habit, you go along with this, even though it's taking you away from the rabbit. This human loves giving you treats. Sometimes all you have to do is touch your nose to a stick and you get showered with praise and snacks.

"Are you gonna pee?" the human asks. No treats appear.